Chip Shortage Leads Car Giants to Cut Production

The 2020-2021 global chip shortage is an ongoing crisis in which  demand for integrated circuits (commonly known as semiconductor chips) exceeds supply, impacting more than 169 industries, with video card causing huge shortages and consumer queues. Video game consoles, automobiles, and other electronic devices (taken from Wikipedia).

Volkswagen and Toyota are the latest automakers to warn of production cuts due to a global shortage of computer chips. German automaker Volkswagen may slow production lines in the fall due to a semiconductor supply crisis, adding to cuts  since February.Japanese firm Toyota also cut production by 40% in September. announced a reduction.

In fact, chip shortages are seriously impacting many industries. Many businesses are concerned about chip shortages. Industry insiders now believe the shortage is likely to continue until 2023. The news headlines below relate to the chip shortage reported by the  news media  this week.

1 chip short: Toyota wants to cut global production by 40% of his

2 Fake semiconductor chips are flooding the corporate market

3 Senators Call on Taiwan to Aid Auto Chip Shortage

4 Ford suspends production at his US truck plant for a week due to chip shortages

5 Global chip shortage could last until 2023, according to his CEO of Infineon

6 China reports production has increased by more than 40% and local chip manufacturing is booming

7 Singapore seeks to boost chip manufacturing as Taiwan dominates industry

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