HDSI Highly Monopolizes Global Harmonic Drive Precision Gear Reducers Industry

Harmonic drives are compact, high-performance precision reduction gears. It is one of the important components used in robotic products such as collaborative robots. A gear consists of only three basic parts: a wave generator, a flex spline, and a circular spline. Demonstrates superior characteristics not found in other speed reducers.
Global Harmonic Drive Precision Gear Market – Major Players

HDSI, Leaderdrive, Zhejiang Laifual, Shenzhen Han`s Motion Technology, Nidec-Shimpo, KOFON, Beijing CTKM Harmonic Drive, BENRUN Robot, BHDI, Too Eph Transmission Technology, Cone Drive, Guohua Hengyuan Tech Dev Co., Ltd., LI -MING Machinery Co., Ltd. is a major supplier in the industry. However, the market is dominated by HDSI. In 2020, HDSI sold 808.17 million units of his harmonic drive precision reducer, taking over 65% share in the world. Besides HDSI, Leaderdrive also owns a certain market share in Zhejiang Laifual. The industry is highly concentrated with technology barriers.

At present, from a global perspective, Japan possesses the core technology of harmonic drive reducers, which is a technical barrier for high-performance reducers. It is difficult for companies in other regions to reach the technical level. With the strong demand of the Chinese market, more and more Chinese companies have entered the industry, and many have plans for expansion. For example, Shenzhen Han’s Motion Technology is a good newcomer. In 2020, the sales volume of harmonic reducer reached 50,000 units. We also have R&D and manufacturing companies in the United States, Canada and South Korea. China holds the largest consumer market share. And the sales volume of harmonic drives in 2020 is 61.42 million units, followed by Japan. Our analysts forecast that China will lead the global harmonic drives market during the forecast period, owing to the rapid growth of its demand market. This region will reach around 60% market share by 2027.

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