Small Bacteriophage Market Anticipated to Grow Fast with CAGR of 14.92%

Phages, formerly known as bacteriophages, are viruses that selectively attack and kill only bacteria. They are the most abundant biological entities in nature and have been shown to effectively fight and destroy multidrug-resistant bacteria. Phages have many potential applications not only in dentistry, veterinary medicine and agriculture, but also in human medicine.

A bacteriophage is a type of virus that attaches to and infects bacteria and then destroys the host cell. These microorganisms destroy host cells through natural processes without interacting with human or animal cells. One of the most important areas where the use of bacteriophage has proven to be of great importance is poultry and aquaculture. Although the use of bacteriophages in humans is still rare in modern medicine, their use in livestock, poultry and fish farming has already shown positive results.

The bacteriophage market is expected to grow significantly due to the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant infections, increasing research activity and development of novel therapeutics. The global bacteriophage market size is projected to reach US$85.09 million by 2027 from US$28.6 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 17.92% from 2021 to 2027. The bacteriophage market is segmented by players such as NPO Microgen, Proteon Pharmaceuticals, Phagelux, Intralytix, Micreos, Eliava BioPreparations, Locus Biosciences, Inc, Pharmex Group, LLC, Phrecydes Pharma, APS Biocontrol Ltd. (APS), Qingdao Phage Farm Biotechnology,. Fixed-Phage Limited, Zeptometrix, Phage International, Inc., MicroMir, iNtODEWORLD, Inc., NEXTBIOTICS, Armata Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Inophage and others. Among them, the top five manufacturers including NPO Microgen, Proteon Pharmaceuticals, Phagelux, Intralytix and Micreos held around 34% revenue market share in 2020.

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