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  • Stretching fashion to the perfect fit

    Looking within the pages of old A-State yearbooks, I noticed a definite difference in student fashion that doesn’t come in the form of poofy hair or wide rimmed glasses. Skirts, blazers, collars and heels filled the ASU campus, which is quite different from the relaxed personal dress code students have taken up over the years. One fashion staple that presides over the current casual wear are the infamous black yoga pants.

  • Heartbleed bug bleeds out

    Have you been on the Internet lately? Have you been on it anytime in the last two years?

    Chances are, unless you’re Amish or live in the middle of the Sahara desert, you have been on the Internet in the last few days, hours, minutes, or even right this second as you’re reading this article.

  • Women's Basketball

  • Plenty of fish in the virtual sea

    Many people who use online dating, whether for a one-night-stand or a long-term relationship, usually remain quiet for fear of the judgmental response of not being able to meet someone “the normal way” through mutual friends or out at bars and coffee shops.

  • Winter is still coming

    Although the season four premiere of “Game of Thrones” was entitled “Two Swords,” it was one sword, Needle, that stole the show. Warning: spoilers ahead

  • Keep calm and join a fandom

    When classes become too much and that retail job too demanding, take a break from reality and step into a world where a 900-year-old mad man travels through time in a blue box. Or, visit a land where winter is coming, or jump into a ‘67 Impala to take a road trip in search of the paranormal.