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Album showcases exceptional talent

Published: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Updated: Thursday, November 17, 2011 14:11


Island Records

    After finding success with the album "Lungs" in early 2010, Florence and the Machine return to the music scene with their latest LP "Ceremonials."

    The band consists of lead singer, Florence Welch and various other artist that provide backing vocals simply named "The Machine."

    This British indie pop/rock and baroque pop band found commercial success after their song "Dog Days Are Over" was re-released and found the light, which led to a Grammy nomination and extensive world tour.

    With the release of "Ceremonials," it sounds like Florence and the Machine has another hit on their hands.

    With different musical sounds such as the harp, choral chants and pound drums, this album sounds like a classic Florence album.

    The usage of words like water, stones, horses, moonlight and ocean is very refreshing to hear.

    In a world of "I'm Sexy and I Know It," "Ceremonials" definitely hits the nail on the head with some beautifully poetic verses that will have you hitting the repeat button.

    In "What The Water Gave Me," you will find yourself searching for your soul in an enchanting rhythmic, mid-tempo chant that will have you swaying left to right as if you were in a music festival.

    While songs like "Shake It Out" will have you searching for your "demons" with references to the devil and heaven, the song is about letting go of what's bothering you and finding your new path.

    It starts with a chord progression on the organ and goes into a tambourine driven drumbeat that will have you on your feet by the chorus.

    The devil gets referenced again in "Seven Devils," a song that will probably find it's way to people's Halloween playlist for years to come.

    Welch's vocal ability is impeccable.

    As the music stops and the haunting voice repeats "Never let me go," Welch leads you into a breakdown piano verse that she nails right on the head.

    "Breaking Down" is definitely a highlight. The verse reminisces Radiohead's "Creep" but the chorus sounds like something No Doubt would sing.

    The very intimate way Welch sings the bridge leading up to the chorus where "the Machine" harmonizes is a beautiful vocal combination.

    Another song that sticks out is "Spectrum." With Welch's voice echoing in the background along side the harp, this song preaches not to be "afraid again."

She channels her inner diva and extracts so much soul.

    A perfect example on why they were picked to be perform in the 2011 VH1's Diva's concert celebrating powerful female singers is to premiere Dec 19.

    The Deluxe Edition offers you an extra set of songs for your ears to listen, too. "Strangeness And Charm" sounds like a good jogging song.

    The deluxe edition also has the music video for "What the Water Gave Me."

    Having written all the songs on the album, Welch shows the ability that she is a great lyricists and a composer. The album's rich sound might not be appealing as much as the more radio friendly songs on the charts, but that's not what Florence is about.

    The music will explode in your ears and the lyrics will have you thump for your dictionary.


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