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Fowler Feature: Alexandra Luttrell

Published: Thursday, October 10, 2013

Updated: Thursday, October 10, 2013 14:10

Alexandra Lutrell-Freeman

Courtesy of Alexandra Lutrell-Freeman

Courtesy of Alexandra Lutrell-Freeman

The life of a The Sound of the Natural State marching band member can be a tough one, but Alexandra Luttrell-Freeman balances her responsibilities like a champion. The forensic science/biology pre-professional senior of Las Vegas has traveled a long road as both an A-State student and musician.  
At the age of 11, Luttrell-Freeman started her musical career. In fifth grade she remembered being shown a poster of different instruments and decided her dream was to play the piccolo.

“I thought the piccolo was incredibly adorable. I was told if I wanted to play it I would have to start on the flute.  For whatever reason, I was convinced that the flute was the clarinet and when I had my first lesson I was surprised to be handed what was actually a flute,” she said.

When deciding on what college to attend, she ultimately chose to make the incredibly long trek to Arkansas State because her mom was an alumni and it had a forensic science program.

Since arriving at A-State she’s become involved in many on-campus organizations such as the Honors College Association through the Honors College, Tau Beta Sigma (an honorary band service organization), Delta Epsilon Iota (an academic honor society), both the basketball and volleyball pep bands, Wind Ensemble, and, of course, The Sound of the Natural State marching band.

Practicing every day from 3:30-5:00 p.m. and having to attend almost every football game, not to mention practicing on their own time, The Sound of the Natural State marching band is a huge time commitment that takes dedication, passion, and tests students’ time management skills.  
Luttrell-Freeman said the effort is worth being a part of the marching band. “It’s a family.  The people you meet, regardless of your major, are people you can count on if you are ever in need. It does take a lot of time, but what you get out of being around all of the people and experiences, really develops you as a person. You get the chance to become better in a lot of aspects that can relate to everyday life,” she said. “This year it is really testing my time management and, in doing so, giving me the skills to handle time crunches life might throw at me later.”

Her favorite memory as a marching band member was of her first performance.

“I didn’t play a single note.  I had not marched before coming to college, so just being in front of people was intimidating, not to mention being in a stadium,” she said, “It is definitely a memory I share with the new flutes nearing time for the first game.”

Other performances Luttrell-Freeman has contributed to are the ASU Wind Ensemble concerts, which she has performed in for the past three years.  Her favorite was the Maslanka concert performed last spring.  Maslanka has been her favorite composer since her junior year of high school and she was ecstatic to have the honor of rehearsing with him and performing with him there.

Major musical influences in her life are Timothy Oliver and Joe Bonner.

“Dr. Oliver and Dr. Bonner are both not just vast buckets of knowledge about music, but are also a source of insight to what type of adult I would like to be.”

Luttrell-Freeman’s next performance will be at 6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12 as she performs with The Sound of the Natural State at the Arkansas State Homecoming game against Idaho.


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