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Google releases new, more affordable laptop

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 8, 2012 15:11



Apple iPad, Microsoft Windows Surface, Android Tablets and now introducing the new Samsung Chromebook from Google. Google said the product “looks like a laptop, feels like a laptop but…” is a new type of computer.

It was only a matter of time before Google would come out with a new Chromebook that is faster and better than the original Chromebook.

The second generation Chromebook 550 has a 12.1-inch display and weighs 3.3 pounds.

The new third generation Chromebook has an 11.6-inch display and weighs 2.42 pounds. Although, the new Chromebook is slightly smaller than the 550, Google said it is a lot faster, saying on its website, “fast meets faster.”

With more than 6.5 hours of battery life, the new Chromebook runs the Chrome Operating System. Chrome OS came out last year with the original Chromebook.

According to the Google website, this system has “Google applications built-in, it’s easy to share and stays up to date automatically.”

Chrome OS also has multiple layers of security so users do not have to worry about updating security software. The program automatically updates when an upgrade is available.

 The HD-capable screen allows users to watch high-definition movies on the Chromebook or users can connect it to a monitor or TV using an HDMI hookup.

A point Google touches on under the features section of the Chromebook points out that traditional computers can take more than 30 seconds to boot up, but the Chromebook takes less than 10 seconds.

The Chromebook also has a 3G-enabled version, which allows users to connect on the go from anywhere. The book comes with built-in dual band Wi-Fi. It also comes with 12 free sessions of Gogo Inflight Internet, which can be used when on airplanes.

The battery life on the new Chromebook lasts about 30 minutes longer than the Chromebook 550 and the new Chromebook has 2 gigabytes of RAM, a VGA camera and two USB slots.

The matte outer shell of the Chromebook keeps fingerprints, dust and skin oils from appearing on the book, keeping the book looking new.

Bloggers and several news sites said the Chromebook 550 isn’t worth the price compared to the new Chromebook, and there isn’t too much difference in the new Chromebook and the 550.

The biggest difference is the 3G and Wi-Fi capability.

The new Samsung Chromebook starts at $249, or $329 for the 3G version, while the Chromebook 550 starts at $449.


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