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iPhone 5 impresses some students, others skeptical

Published: Thursday, September 27, 2012

Updated: Thursday, September 27, 2012 17:09

iphone 5 comparison

Xinzhong Zhao, Staff Photographer

Compared side by side, the iPhone 5 is half an inch bigger than the iPhone 4, giving it room for five rows of app icons instead of just four.

IPhone users were stunned by the flaws of their iPhone 4s and iPhone 4Ss with the release of the new iPhone 5, which is thinner, longer and lighter than previous models.

Apple continues to integrate innovative features and sleek design into their products. The iPhone 5 sold more than 5 million units within the first three days, topping iPhone 4S sales by 1 million units.

After the announcement of the new iPhone, comments began showing up on Twitter about the new features and design.

 Jonathan Groves, ASU’s IT store manager, said the iPhone 5 is probably attractive to students because of its longer screen, which increased from 4.5 inches to 4.87 inches, while the display grew from 3.5 inches (diagonal) to 4 inches(diagonal).

“Personally I try to get every iPhone that comes out. The newer ones are always faster and always work better,” Groves said.

Groves said if he could choose one new feature for the next iPhone he would want to install Near Field Communication payments. This feature would store credit card information on the phone and instead of swiping a card, the phone would be held over a payment area making payment more convenient for consumers.

Colea Blann, junior nursing major of Little Rock, has the iPhone 4 and sees no reason to buy the new iPhone if she can update hers to the latest operating system.

“But you know, I think that it’s neat that they keep finding things to change about the iPhone because I’m thinking, ‘What else could you possibly change?’” Blann said.

Although Apple upgraded the FaceTime camera from VGA to 1.2MP, Blann would also like Apple to place an LED flash on the FaceTime camera on the next iPhone to aid with photo quality.

Logan McCourtney, junior communication studies major of Mena, said he thinks the iPhone 5 will be a good product because of its new features, but is afraid that it’s “just another fad [people] have to give their money to.”

“People are just now probably getting their money’s worth out of the iPhone 4 and 4S,” McCourtney said. “I’m sure there are people that are buying it that probably don’t have the money to buy it, but because it is the next best thing they think they’ve got to have it.”

McCourtney would like to see a USB input location or adapter that would support the use of an external hard drive or flash drive for the next iPhone. He thinks this would be more convenient for users transferring data directly from the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 has a new Lightning charging connector, longer battery life and an A6 chip which will make the phone much faster than its predecessors.

To learn more about the new iPhone, check out Apple’s website,


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