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'Repinning' becomes Internet trend

Published: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Updated: Thursday, November 17, 2011 14:11


    Pinterest inspires the housewife, the college student, the photographer, the fashionista and the artist. But most importantly, it inspires the woman or man to make, do and be beautiful things.

    Pinterest is a virtual pin board that allows its users to bookmark items on the web in an organized, interesting and easy to share fashion.

    It was founded in Palo Alto, Calif., and according to, they are striving to build a product and company that all people love.

    Users visit the website to share ideas of their own and browse others' ideas for inspiration in their own lives.

    "Pinterest adds an entire new word to social media. It takes the creative mind of every day human beings and sprawls it across a computer screen in such an organized way that others believe they too can be creative," said Michelle Stafford, a sophomore Pre-Vet major of North Little Rock.

    As the title "Pinterest" hints, the website is a place for people to share common interests. More than that, though, it has become a hub for ideas — particularly for things like art, cooking and fashion, as well as party, event and wedding planning.

    "This website helps me share and get ideas from other people and keep them all in one organized place on my boards," said Zarah Tinkle, a freshman Nursing major of Little Rock.

    For many young females, Pinterest has become a sort of virtual "dream board" for their future homes, weddings, etc. It's a place for them to keep all their good ideas in one place and refer to them later.

    Katie Donner, a sophomore physical therapy major of Manila said, "Pinterest gives me great ideas for crafts and for my future home."

    The website has revolutionized social media, and even has social media users neglecting their other accounts to give more attention to what's happening on Pinterest.

    Anna Rogers, a senior radiology major of Paragould said, "I enjoy Pinterest because I can keep all different types of tutorials and ideas all on the same website. I often times do not even use Facebook or Twitter anymore."

    The purpose of social media is to connect people in ways that they would not have otherwise been connected. Pinterest takes this concept a step farther by connecting people based on common interests, even though they may have absolutely no mutual relationships.

    One of the most common bonds on Pinterest between complete strangers seems to be that of the bride-to-be, just sharing ideas and dreaming alongside one another.

    Megan Edginton, a senior English education major of Ozark said, "Pinterest has given me tons of different styles and trends to look at when it comes to planning my own wedding and it lets me choose which ideas I want to pursue when planning."

    Simply being in the same phase of life — planning a wedding, having a baby, moving into a new house, etc. — is all users need to be connected with others who share these interests or concerns.

    "Pinterest is amazing. I am having a baby boy and without this social media site I haven't a clue where his room ideas would have came from," ASU alumni Megan Mitchell said.

    In its recent surge of popularity, Pinterest has seemed to attract a more female following than male.

    "I do not have a Pinterest account," said Blake Irvin, a junior radio television major of Pine Bluff.  "My girlfriend worships it, and she makes me despise it."

    However, there are males who are frequent users of Pinterest, especially those into art or design.

    "I think that Pinterest is not just for girls. It's ballin'. It's like a collage of your life that never ends. It is one of those things that if someone didn't know who you were, [you can show] them your account; they may know everything," said Garrett Tyler, a sophomore music major of Jonesboro. "Say a dude was wanting to know little stuff about a girl... and know something without having to ask all he would have to do is look at her Pinterest account."

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