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Creators of parody Twitter accounts speak out

Published: Monday, January 30, 2012

Updated: Monday, January 30, 2012 13:01


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In their first interview ever, four of ASU and Jonesboro's parody twitter accounts have decided to speak out about their humorous and witty tweets that have caught the eyes — and retweets — of many ASU students.

All, of course, have decided against revealing their real names and did the interviews by email to insure secrecy.

Astateprobs, ASUSorostitute and TheGreatMalzahn have all revealed, however, that they are ASU students and JboroProblems a high school senior in the Jonesboro area, all upping the ante to find their true identities.

All four accounts wrote they mostly created the accounts for a humorous effect.

"I'm a Red Wolves football fan living deep in Hog territory," TheGreatMalzahn wrote. "Gus Malzahn's hire created a platform that interested both ASU and U of A fans. Suddenly, ASU had something meaningful to talk about! Gus Malzahn is one subject that links both schools. I wanted to give that unique situation a voice."

AstateProbs and JboroProblems both wrote they created the accounts because of a lack of one.

"I just realized that no one had done it yet and I was shocked, so I thought, ‘why not? This will be fun,'" JboroProblems wrote.

"Everyone always complains about problems with the campus," Astateprobs wrote. "This was a fun way to let everyone vent about what was pissing them off the most."

ASUSorostitute wrote the idea came to them while hanging out with friends.

While most of the responses to the accounts have been positive, there have been some negative reactions to the parody accounts and their tweets.

"Most responses are positive," JboroProblems wrote. "I have a few people who have called me stupid, but it doesn't really bother me. Four or five haters out of nearly 900 aren't bad."

TheGreatMalzahn wrote that most of his comes from people who feel threatened.

"Some (but not many) people feel threatened by any exposure ASU football receives," TheGreatMalzahn wrote. "So I sometimes find condescending or even nasty tweets from those guys. I usually just retweet them and let the Twitterverse judge. Poor grammar and misspellings are funny!"

Astateprobs wrote the only negative they have gotten come from people who don't attend ASU.

"I've gotten nothing but positive remarks from ASU students," Astateprobs wrote. "The only bad tweets that I've gotten came from U of A students telling us we suck. I smell jealousy."

ASUSorostitue, however, seems to have gotten the most negative feedback from the community, mostly from sororities on campus who have told their members to unfollow and block the account. ASUSorostitute wrote that it hasn't fazed them.

"One girl wants to pray for me! Over all, most have taken me as I am meant to be: a joke," ASUSorostitute wrote. It's okay if they don't follow me; I know they are looking at my tweets anyway. I can't believe I got so noticed, so quickly."

Each account wrote they have a favorite tweet sent to them.

"I receive good barbs from my cross-state rival, @fakebobpetrino. We're becoming mortal enemies!" TheGreatMalzahn wrote.

Jboroproblems wrote that their favorite tweet came from @mckenziecatt: That moment when you see a cab drive by. We have a cab business in this town?!

While each twitter account is clearly directed at ASU students or Jonesboro residents, they each bring their own flare to the table with their almost too true remarks.

TheGreatMalzahn has been known to not only tweet about ASU's sports, but Coach Malzahn's eating habits as well.

"Jonesboro is abundant in three resources: churches, banks and chain restaurants," TheGreatMalzahn wrote. "I figured robust appetizer menus and bottomless bread baskets must have played a role in luring Malzahn to ASU."

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