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Employees warned of fraud

Published: Thursday, February 14, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 14, 2013 18:02

According to the press release, the ASU Department of Finance and Administration received reports that employees who have not filed tax returns for 2012 had received a letter, which relates to refunds, from the Internal Revenue Service.

“As of now we have 25 confirmed employees who received the letter,” said Len Frey, vice chancellor for finance after the press release was sent.

Frey said the information received appears to indicate that someone has fraudulently obtained personal information and used it to file tax returns. “We do not know who obtained their personally identifiable information or how,” Frey said in the press release.

Employees received a memorandum on Tuesday in which they were encouraged to consider contacting the Internal Revenue Service to inquire as to whether any attempt has been made to fraudulently file a return in their name and what actions to take.

“There are no specifics that can be shared at this time,” Frey said. “We have initiated an investigation with the Internal Revenue Service.”

In the memorandum, Frey explains that efforts are being made to determine if a security breach has occurred either within ASU or with other parties.

“We do believe that personal information on a number of ASU employees has been obtained by a third party with apparent intent to defraud,” Frey said in the memorandum. “Please know that we are aggressively investigating this matter and that we will continue to update you as new information comes to light.”

    An update was emailed to all employees in which the IRS provides information to assist in protecting personal identifiable information for those who have been a victim of identity theft. They are also given steps to take using the IRS website.

    “If you get a letter you need to contact the Internal Revenue Service,” Frey said. “It is advised that all employees take this action even if a letter hasn’t been received.”

    Frey said another memo would be sent out soon with the latest information. Employees are encouraged to visit the website and use one of three credit reporting agencies offered.

    “I think as long as we all follow instructions by the IRS, we will assist in the problem being solved,” Frey said. “We need to be as protected as one can be.”

    Frey advises all to be cooperative and follow the instructions given by the IRS regarding the matter.


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