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Making a difference at ASU

Published: Thursday, January 31, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 31, 2013 19:01

Choosing which classes to enroll in or just needing advice when it comes to decisions about education can be hard to make alone. That’s what the faculty and advisors at ASU are here to help students to do. They assist their students in so many ways, and there is one way students can give back to them.

“The ‘You Make a Difference Award’ is given every fall semester to an outstanding faculty member,” said Advisor Kandi Granberry.

The award is a way for students to tell their advisor how much they really mean to them in the furthering of their education. It is a student nominated award and the recipient is chosen by the Student Government Association after they have looked over all the information provided by the students.

The award is given to a faculty member who displays certain characteristics.

“They definitely have to be caring, knowledgeable about policies, and it is good for them to also be personable with their students,” Granberry said. “During the awarding, we always give the winner a plaque and try to make sure the faculty from the department and college is there.”

The recipient of this year’s award, Larry Salinger of the department of criminology, sociology, and geography, was taken by surprise when he found out he was chosen to receive it.

“Complete and utter shock,” Salinger said, explaining his reaction.  “My departmental colleagues had known about the award for two weeks before I did, and they kept it a complete secret from me.”

More than 90 faculty members on campus were nominated for the “You Make a Difference Award.” However, Salinger’s advising methods broke the mold this year.

“Every student is someone’s child, and deserves to receive the best advising possible, but it does not mean telling the student what they want to hear,” Salinger said. “It means telling them what they need to hear.  My goal is to graduate every student as expeditiously as possible, and with the skills needed to obtain employment or attend graduate school.”

Salinger believes in being sincere with his students in order to help them get to where they need to be academically and in their future careers.

“I am upfront and honest with my advisees.  They don’t always like to hear what I need to tell them, but I also don’t hem and haw around the truth, and I don’t lie to them,” Salinger said. “Many students want information on careers and graduate opportunities.  I work to direct them to the proper resources for those opportunities.”

Being able to see how he has affected his advisees and how they accomplish their graduation goals at ASU motivates Salinger.

“The absolute best part of being an advisor is going to graduation, watching my advisees cross the stage, and hearing their families cheer and clap for them,” Salinger said.

Salinger’s effect on his students was definitely made known when he became the recipient of the “You Make a Difference Award.”

“There are literally hundreds of excellent advisors across the ASU campuses, including in Jonesboro,” Salinger said. “All of them work really hard to make a difference in their student’s lives.  I am very thankful to the students of ASU for choosing to honor me with this award, and I plan to live up to what it means to make a difference for the rest of my career.”

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