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Social media relieves stress

Published: Thursday, November 29, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 29, 2012 16:11

tumblr surfing

Caitlin LaFarlette, staff photographer

In order to help relieve stress, Sheneathia Burton, sophomore psychology major of Memphis, uses her Tumblr, sometimes up to eight hours a day.

It seems almost every college student uses social media of some form, and studies are showing it is something they struggle to live without. Is this struggle relevant to students at ASU?
A recent study by Anxiety UK found participants became troubled when they didn’t have access to their social media outlets. According to, those who were a part of the study found the only way to stay away from social media was to turn off the device they accessed it from; it wasn’t enough to simply ignore it.

ASU students can frequently be seen walking to class with their heads buried into their phones as they text, tweet, and post on Facebook. Sheneathia Burton, a sophomore psychology major of Memphis, believes she is addicted to social media.

“All day I’ll be on Tumblr,” she said.

Burton mainly uses Tumblr and Twitter and estimates she spends about eight hours a day using the sites.

She said she uses social media as an outlet for her feelings and becomes angry when she doesn’t have access to it.

The longest Burton has been without using a form of social media is two days.

Her usage does interfere with school, however.

“When class is boring I get on Twitter or tumble (post) about dumb people,” she said.

However, using Twitter and Tumblr have helped Burton. She said it helps her deal with stress because she can get things off her mind.

Will Blair, a junior pre-med major of Pine Bluff, uses Twitter but doesn’t think it has affected him that much.

“I can go without it,” he said.

He added that when he was younger he would go camping often and therefore didn’t have access to the Internet.

“I adapted to it, putting the phone and Internet away,” he continued.

Blair admits he uses Twitter often in the summer, especially when he has nothing else to do.

Like many college students he also spends time in class on social media.

“I took a few pictures of people sleeping,” he said.

Blair also said he normally only browses Twitter when he knows he isn’t missing any information.

For Hayley Lewis, a junior psychology major of Jonesboro, Facebook is a way to keep up with friends that live in different time zones.

“I’m a Navy brat,” Lewis, who has lived in 15 different cities, said.

She said while she checks Facebook every day, it hasn’t become a problem for her.

“It’s going to be there when I get back,” she said.

Lewis added she often becomes too addicted to social media, but then it gets boring. She also doesn’t use it enough to where it interferes with class time.

Another study conducted by the University of Maryland’s International Center for Media and the Public Affairs followed college students across five continents and found after 24 hours without social media, they felt irritable, tense, restless and anxious.

According to, the study consisted of 1,000 college students in countries that included China, Argentina, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S.

During the study several students were unable to go the entire 24 hours without using social media.



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