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Thousands awarded for research

Published: Thursday, January 17, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 17, 2013 18:01


Paige Walker, Staff Photographer

Rebecca Ring, a sophomore biology major of Little Rock is researching plant production with the P3 project.

In an effort to fund undergraduate student research, ASU’s Office of Research and Technology Transfer (ORTT) announced the disbursement of more than $60,000 to students in several majors.

Of 23 proposals submitted, 19 students were funded in their areas of research development.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, and Chief Research Officer, Andy Sustich said that funding for these projects came not only from the ORTT, but also from the state and other departments within the university.

“The Arkansas Department of Higher Education funds a certain amount of undergraduate student research each year,” Sustich said. “We’ve had the money in the last few years to fund the ones the state couldn’t fund.”

Sustich said other entities of the university, such as the College of Math and Sciences, were able to fund students out of their programs, offering up more money to other students.

According to Cheryl Dison, the director of research development, students from all areas can apply.

“The funding for research can go to a student in any area of the university,” Dison said. “We’ve had students from psychology, English and even the music department before. It isn’t just scientific research that is being conducted.”

Successful students receive a stipend up to $1,250 for a full year and $625 for one semester to work with a faculty mentor. This money will go towards travel and supplies that the students will use in their research.

“Several students under this funding will be applying to graduate school and this gives them experience in independent research,” Sustich said. “It makes them a much more competitive and successful applicant.”

One stipulation of receiving the money is that the student is expected to present their findings in some way, whether it be at a distant conference or at ASU.

One such opportunity for the students is through the second annual “Create @ STATE: A Symposium for Research, Scholarship and Creativity.”

“We want all students to present at Create @ STATE,” Dison said. “This is an opportunity to combine undergraduate and graduate level research and creative activities for  presentation at ASU.”

According to Dison, research isn’t the only presentation that’s made an appearance at the spring event.

“We’ve even had a tuba and euphonium group play during the event in past years,” Dison said. “The students will be able to present orally or with poster boards. We want to explore all avenues because artists and musicians should express themselves here as well.”

Dison said they’ve had a combination of biology, nursing and even fine arts majors at the event.

This year, Create @ STATE will take place on April 11 and both Dison and Sustich invite the public to visit the students.

“We want everyone to participate if they have something to share,” Dison said.

A full list of stipend recipients is below, accompanied with their faculty mentor, ADHE amount, ORTT amount and total:

  • Michael Cerrato, Psychology;  Kris Biondolillo; $2,750; $1,250; $4,000
  • Cecilia Clark, Mechanical Engineering; Shivan Haran; $2,750; $1,250; $4,000
  • Natanya Clark, Mathematics; Jeongho Ahn; $2,750; $1,250; $4,000
  • Jordan Falls, Electrical Engineering; Ilwoo Seok; $2,750; $1,250; $4,000
  • Starlene Loerch, Biology/Zoology; Paul Sikkel; $2,750; $1,250; $4,000
  • Matthew Manning, CS & Mathematics; $2,750; $1,250; $4,000
  • Andrea Meyers, Chemistry; Jianfeng Xu; $2,750; $1,250; $4,000
  • Chelsey Moser, Exercise Science; Roy Aldridge; $2,125; $625; $2,750
  • Kassandra Riley, Biology; Travis Marsico; $2,750; $1,250; $4,000
  • Laura White, Mathematics; Hong Zhou; $2,125; $625; $2,750

 Next, the College of Sciences and Mathematics agreed to support three more proposals for a total of $8,500.  These include:

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