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‘Work hard, play hard’

Faces of ASU Special Edition: Hunter Petrus

Published: Monday, March 11, 2013

Updated: Monday, March 11, 2013 18:03


Lindsey Blakely, Editor in Chief

His alarm buzzes at 6 a.m. as he barely manages his eyes open. Things were easy when he was a freshman and could wake up at 10 a.m. and just go to class. But now as a senior, and SGA president, Hunter Petrus finds himself constantly juggling his time.

His days are filled with typical presidential duties. Meetings, proposals and paperwork fill his Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Meanwhile, classes and homework take over his Tuesdays and Thursdays.

But, when the clock hands slowly make their way to 5 p.m., Petrus is usually out of his office and balancing the other large portion of his life located at the corner of University Loop and Aggie Road: The Sigma Chi house.

“The hardest part is time-management,” Petrus said. “I’m constantly working on resolutions and trying to get a good education. All the while, I’m trying to balance my personal life and my fraternity. “

During the day, Petrus sports a diplomatic attitude and a smile. Both of which have carried him far since his freshman year.

Now a senior, soon graduating, Petrus has a hefty list of resume builders that began growing in his first two weeks at ASU.

In only his second week, he became an SGA freshman senator, which led to his position as an orientation leader that same year. Petrus stayed on as an orientation leader for another year and was granted the position of group leader.

Soon after, Petrus was offered the spot of Student Union events director with the Student Activities Board, which is where his leadership really came into play.

“The SAB had always done a good job at marketing their events,” Petrus said. “I wanted to help in continuing to bring those great events that students really enjoy.”

Finally, Petrus decided to run for his biggest position yet, as SGA president.

“I had watched Adrian Everett and Beaird through the years, and they both had a great amount of wisdom,” Petrus said. “They really inspired me to run, and so I did and won.”

Petrus said that he believes his first year as president was a successful one, in which they accomplished almost everything they had promised.

And when elections came back around, Petrus decided he wanted another go-round.

“I had done a lot in my first term as president, but I wanted to do more,” Petrus said. “It wasn’t about having a second term, it was about accomplishing things for the university and the students.”

Zachary Brogdon, a sophomore at the time and fellow Sigma Chi, decided to run for the president’s position as well.

And he almost won.

The race was the narrowest margin in SGA history, making it also one of the most exciting.

“It really came down to the last minute,” Petrus said, who only won after announcing to his class to vote for him, only minutes before the polls closed. “When you look back and see how close it was, it still makes my stomach churn.”

But, Petrus said he is confident his fraternity brother would have done a great job in the position had he won.

“I had full confidence in him if he won,” Petrus said. “But the thought of losing is still nerve-wracking.”

Now representing the student body and university for two consecutive terms, Petrus has learned how to handle his fraternity life and business life.

“When I’m in meetings, I’m serious,” Petrus said. “There’s a time and place for everything. I can always joke, and I’m a mean prankster, but if my name is in the role, then my heart is in the work.”

However, all work and no play makes any boy dull, and Petrus is no exception.

“Work hard, play hard,” Petrus said with a chuckle. “I’m not going to go ‘Project X’ style, but I like to have fun as much as anyone else. There definitely won’t be any cars set on fire though.”

Surprisingly, his resume for Sigma Chi is even longer than his leadership resume from ASU.

Holding positions such as historian, website developer and treasurer came easily to Petrus.

However, it was the position of annotator that brought the biggest challenge, and the most fun.

“I’ve always had a big heart for philanthropy and charity work,” Petrus said. “That’s exactly what that position allowed me to work with. We raised money for so many organizations, I was proud to say that I helped accomplish that.”

While several events raised beau coups of money, nothing will remain on Petrus’ mind more than the wild night he had for charity last year.

During their annual “Derby Days,” a week long event filled with sororities competing against each other and giving money to charity, Petrus hosted their annual member auction to real in the big bucks.

“The member auction is a list of volunteers, guys, officers and new members who get on stage and dance and have a good time,” Petrus explained. “The girls would bid on the guys, and whoever bid the highest amount got to go on a date with that guy.”

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