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Our View: Introducing a new taste for Jonesboro

Published: Thursday, February 7, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 7, 2013 17:02

New restaurants are due to open in the Jonesboro area, which has many students drooling.  Besides sating appetites, the genesis of new companies in this community offers a chance for new jobs and is a promising sign for future growth.

On Feb. 4, a news release from Haag-Brown announced a Buffalo Wild Wings is on its way to Jonesboro.

The new Jonesboro BWW will be built on a large lot off of Stadium Drive.  According to the Haag Brown Commercial Co-owner and Principal Joshua Brown, it will look similar to the freestanding store projects in Conway, Fort Smith and Little Rock.

This is not the only freestanding store project underway in Jonesboro.  
A short jaunt down Stadium Drive reveals the skeleton of a new Starbucks building project. While Jonesboro already has a few Starbucks locations, this new building is sure to be a coffee lovers paradise.

A new taste bud sensation is not the only thing these new restaurants will be brining to town. There is also potential for local job creation, as new employees will need to be hired.  As college students there is always a demand for viable part time job opportunities.

Both additions to the strip are also exciting because it marks Jonesboro in gaining national recognition as a viable market. Making our city more contemporary will continue to encourage its growth. As a University, this can be great news for recruiting new Red Wolves.

It is no surprise that universities that have thriving towns surrounding them have steadily high enrollment.

The University of Minnesota is in the middle of the ever-growing Twin Cities; the University of Colorado in Boulder is surrounded by easy access to mountain adventures; the University of California in Berkeley has a thriving Bay culture, and the University of Wisconsin in Madison is sandwiched between lakes.

Hopefully as Jonesboro continues to modernize its markets the city will be more conducive for students to find an exciting college home.

Although an expanding job market and more contemporary towns are seen as advantages, new businesses are not just wings and coffee. Every time a new business springs up in an area there is potential that another could disappear.

Just look to the once full, then deserted and now demolished mall off of Caraway.  This mall became old news when the new mall was built and new stores were brought into town.

These restaurants are no different. Due to the competitive nature of our capitalist economy restaurants can spring up and close with the change of the seasons.

Our advice is to take advantage of the new job opportunities and bask in the fact that Jonesboro might slowly be coming out of the dull age.  Don’t forget that your dollars keep certain businesses afloat and a lack of business of sinks others.

With this in mind, as new chains continue to enhance our horizon, try new things but continue to support the old.  As the saying goes, “Eat new places, but attend the old, one is silver and the other will be bathed in buffalo sauce.”

“Our View” is written by the editorial staff. The opinions are not necessarily reflective of the student body, faculty or administration of Arkansas State University.

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