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Why you should be happy about Obama’s re-election

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 8, 2012 14:11

The glaring political polarization of America is news to no one. So it is no surprise many people are upset with Obama’s re-election.

The cries from the right are full of fear: government spending, health care and allowing gays to have the same rights as other human beings.

If you watch FOX News or read the average neoconservative blogger, all these things are evils that are threatening our nation right now.

Luckily America saw through this, so I get to explain to you why our future is bright.

Of all the important policy issues centered on presidential elections, it seems like people in the South often focus on things that are irrelevant to the position like gay rights and abortion. So I’ll start there.

Gay rights are a simple issue of human rights and Evangelical dogma is the only reason it’s even an issue.

The arguments used by the religious conservatives against gay rights are the same exact arguments used in support of segregation.

Using your religion to prevent someone from having the same rights you do is the opposite of liberty. It’s oppression.

In terms of abortion, the issue is pretty clear.

No one supports abortion, only the right to get one. It’s just morally deplorable to not allow abortion in instance of rape, incest or if the child will be born into extreme poverty.

If you think it’s better to just put them up for adoption, go look at the numbers and see if that works. A hint: it doesn’t.

For a few years now the right has been attacking the Affordable Care Act from any direction they can. So let’s look at the facts.

The GOP said the bill will cost $2.5 trillion dollars over 10 years.

What they don’t tell you is that $250 billion per year is a pretty great deal for providing millions of people with health coverage they didn’t have before.

Our defense budget for 2012 is $1 trillion; four times the cost of health care, but Romney was okay with that.

Thanks to Americans making the right choice, we have a president that will favor the health of 17.6 million children with pre-existing conditions over a massive weapons company’s profit margin.

Many people are worried about the national debt. Debt-hawks have been fear mongering for years, saying “any day now” the nation will collapse.

I encourage everyone to read an article by Paul Krugman, a Nobel winning economist, titled “Nobody Understands Debt.”

He does a great job of explaining why the “fiscal cliff” is essentially a myth, and it’s a terrible shame that Americans have been electing politicians on this issue alone.

So the real economic issues are job creation and taxation on the middle class.

Obama is great for America on both of these issues. I point the reader to the American Jobs Act.

This bill includes the $245 billion dollars in payroll tax cuts.

That’s money that goes directly into the pockets of American workers. This alone is great for getting people spending again, and subsequently getting the economy back on track.

The bill also includes: a) $50 billion to infrastructure projects, b) $35 billion to protect the jobs of teachers, police and firefighters, c) $30 billion to public schools, and d) $15 to construction projects on foreclosed homes.

All of these things either directly create jobs or prevent job loss.

This is intrinsically good for the American people.

Clint Simpson is a senior political science and philosophy major of Russellville.

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